7 Signs You Need to Call in The roofer

No matter how much we would like to believe in the permanence of every aspect of a home, it just isn’t always going to be perfect. Homes need maintenance and roofs are going to need replacing at some point. Even so, nobody wants to do unnecessary repair work either, nor do they want to replace a roof without it being absolutely necessary. To help you define when your roof needs replacement and when it doesn’t we have put together these easy to see signs that your roof needs repair or replacement. When you see any of these signs it is time to call in a roofing company to help estimate the length and depth of the damage.

Roof Age
Eventually, you will need to think about the age of your home and consider that there may be damage to the roof. The younger a roof is the more isolated a
problem may be and simple roof repairs may be enough. However, if the roof is more than 20 years old, the more prevalent the damage may be and the more you may need to consider calling in a roofing contractor for a full roof replacement quote.

If you start noticing that a lot of your neighbors are getting their roofs replaced,
and your house was built at about the same time, it may very well be time to
consider a new roof replacement. For a more exact measurement of age check
the documents for your house. Check to see when it was built, repairs to the
roof and replacements at any time in the past.

Additionally, if you notice that the latest shingle installation overlays a prior
shingle, it can mean you have a poor installation which means your current roof may need replacing again.

Leaks of any size can damage the house. They can even damage parts of the
house you don’t see. This type of roof damage can manifest itself in the form of water stains, mold, rotten wood and structural damage. Leaks are even difficult to find sometimes. If you see water where it shouldn’t be, you need to call in the roof repair guys to have them check your roof.
Attic Moisture
If you go up to your roof and it feels slushy and not so firm, this can mean there is moisture and it is seeping into the eaves and the insulation. Go into the attic and look for daylight seeping through. A faint glow through the eaves can mean the roof is damaging the eaves and insulation. It’s definitely time to call the roofers.

Misshapen Shingles
Misshapen shingles happen in many ways. Edges curl, or claw downard. They
may bulge in the center. These are signs of a loss of strength and they become
more susceptible to wind uplift. Harsh weather can tear shingles off and cause
them to buckle. These are all indications that you need a new roof.

Grain Loss

The grains in the shingles help protect the roof from the elements, but sun
exposure starts to erode this grain and so the shingle starts to deteriorate
faster. Grain loss is normal but older shingles start to deteriorate faster.

Roof Valley damage
Roof valleys take the greatest wear and tear from weather and shingles that
distort in these areas can mean leaks begin to develop.
Lack of Flashing
Flashing on the roof prevents moisture from seeping through the joints. When
the flashing wears out, is missing or damaged, it can mean that your roof has a higher risk of getting moisture damage. In this case, repairs can save you from needing a new roof when you catch it on time.

Animals in The Roof
If you suddenly hear scurrying overhead and think you may have squirrels,
raccoons or birds in the attic, it may mean there are holes in your roof.

damage your roof but it is the weather damage caused to the roof that lets them in. Once there is a hole in the roof animals and water can get in to damage the insulation, the eaves, and the wood work.

In The End
It is important to keep an eye on the roof. Note any new damage after every
winter or rainy season. If you notice any wet spots or damaged shingles there is still time to get it fixed. Call in your nearest roofer to get it inspected as quicklly as possible.

Your roof has several functionalities in your home. It protects you from the
weather and keeps animals out of the house. Roof replacement is expensive but necessary at some point. Still when you see signs of roof damage you need to call in the roof repair experts to repair the areas that become damaged before the problem becomes bigger.